The clipkit management team

Cengiz Kurt
Founder and CEO

Cengiz has over 14 years’ experience in online marketing, including Key Account / Sales Manager positions at companies such as JobScout24 and


clipkit: the complete video experience

clipkit GmbH was founded in 2008 by Cengiz Kurt and Werner Vollert with the mission of “revolutionizing the distribution of digital video”.
And what a success it has been! Over 50 dedicated staff ensure that clipkit is among the top 5 online video marketers in Europe today with more than 500 million video views per month.

Since 2015, the newly established technical division of the company has shown that useful technical innovations in the sector are very much alive and well. For example, the context-sensitive clipSnap player ensures that even publishers with huge reach can integrate and market online video extremely easily and in a matter of seconds.

Since August 2009 the company has been based in our fantastic capital city, Berlin. clipkit is multicultural and represented internationally by offices in Frankfurt/Main, Istanbul and Porto.


clipkit in Berlin

Berlin’s signature is historical buildings that kept their charm until today. The relay station Kreuzberg, which holds our headquarter, is an impressive witness of industrialization. It is located directly at the Landwehrkanal, accomodating many cafés, restaurants and bars. The building unites historical character with modern, bright spaces, hosting a lot of creativity these days.

clipkit Berlin

clipkit in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a metropole miniature – and that’s exactly what makes it so loveable. About 700.000 people live between the country’s biggest forest within city limits and the mountains of the Taunus. You can cross the city center in just 20 minutes, but the city is very lively and colorful. 180 nations live here together in peace, every third person is from abroad. Frankfurt is hip, trendy and sexy and – Frankfurt is individual.

clipkit Frankfurt

clipkit in Istanbul

Three names, one city, 2.700 years of history. Istanbul is righteously known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the only capital on two continents and served 3 empires: Rome, Byzantium, Ottoman Empire. The spirit of the city is reflected by modern women in trendy outfits, oriental bazaars, shiny skyscrapers and ancient palaces. Istanbul unites culture and cosmopolitism.

clipkit Istanbul

clipkit in Porto

Porto is Portugal’s second biggest city after Lisbon. Approximately 1,3 to 1,6 million people live here. Traditionally, the inhabitants of Porto are labelled with open-mindedness, a straight business sense, strong realism and the ability of clear calculation. Porto has a unique charm, especially for wine-lovers and night owls.

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