clipSnap – your context-sensitive video player

It has never been easier to enhance major web projects with video clips. Simply use our intelligent clipSnap player technology and save work and effort in selecting and embedding individual videos. clipSnap works semantically and automatically shows videos to match the content of the page. Reliable and efficient.

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    Simple Integration

    A small snippet is all you need. Only two lines of code.

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    100% context-sensitive

    clipSnap automatically selects videos to match your content.

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    Software as a service

    Our cloud technology allows global scaling with first class response rates.

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    Pay as you go

    You have full control over your costs and only pay for actual usage.

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    Mobile & multi-device ready

    clipSnap just looks great on any device: PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

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    White label solution

    clipSnap is completely integrated into your corporate design, with no clipkit branding.

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    Access to a myriad of videos

    The clipkit exchange platform offers you access to tens of thousands of clips, meaning that the right video content is always available.n

clipSnap as multi video variant
clipSnap as In-Text variant
clipSnap Teaser Widget