Monetise your video content with clipkit

Want to open up your premium video clips to a wider audience? With more than 200 million video views Views per month, clipkit is the third largest video provider in Europe.

Host videos for your own web presence or become part of the successful clipkit exchange platform and benefit from a fantastic opportunity to monetise your content. We will bring your clips to the right audience.

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Easy management

Our advanced clipkit Web UI makes video uploads child’s play. Titles and tags can be edited at any time and even uploading large video collections is no problem thanks to CSV upload or our clipkit API. Enjoy the full self-service flexibility and fast transfer rates.

Efficient monetisation

You decide whether you want to reach large numbers of web publishers via the clipkit exchange platform. Earn cash with each watched clip or just host your own content and enjoy the advantages of choosing any ad server standard.

Fair cost model

There is absolutely no risk in using clipkit. Start any time without any basic fee and stop whenever you want. Only pay for your actual usage (pay as you go) and enjoy total control over your cost. Scale the storage limit according to your needs and your budget.

New income opportunities

Simply add your video clips to our extensive network to automatically generate profit. A great opportunity to increase the ROI on your production costs.

Personal support

Direct and personal contact is important to us. If you have any questions or technical problems, talk directly to our experts and not to a call centre agent.