As a full service provider, clipkit provides you with everything you need to integrate full video into web content. Use your own video content or access tens of thousands of premium video clips in seconds!

There are no technical barriers, embedding is quick, secure and easy. All without any installation, directly from the cloud. Even for large networks with scores of publisher websites – clipkit is for everyone!

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Simple Integration

Don’t just use any old video player off the shelf; use our adaptable clipkit Player. We offer a flexible white label solution and make integration into your corporate design really easy.

Is your website an extremely complex project? Great!
Our clipSnap Player is context-sensitive and saves a lot of time and effort by automatically selecting the correct clips for your visitors.

Use clipkit API to adapt our technology to any CMS. Increase the session lengths of your visitors by up to 150% and master Video SEO!

Direct access to premium videos

Want to use video clips for your web project but don’t have your own video content? No problem: with our clipkit Exchange platform you gain instant access to tens of thousands of premium videos..

With over 5000 new clips every month, more than enough current videos are available just waiting to be watched. We only work with reputable licensers of different genres so that top quality and reputable content is guaranteed.

Fair cost model

There is no risk and no fine print. You can start anytime without a setup fee and also stop at any time.

You only pay for what you use (pay as you go) and have total control at all times over the costs you incur. Scale the storage limit, traffic, player loads and the use of premium clips according to your needs and budget.

Increased turnover

If you don’t yet use video ads for monetising, clipkit allows you access to this new source of income. You can choose any advertising technology since clipkit Player is 100% compatible with ad server standards. Includes Real Time Bidding and Content Targeting.

Personal Support

Direct and personal contact is important to us. If you have any questions or technical problems, talk directly to our experts and not to a call centre agent.